Aiko Ikizawa 生澤 愛子

-leaf clover Artist.


Born in Tokyo, Japan in January 1996.

I've loved four-leaf clovers since I first remembered them, and I have the feeling that they look shiny, and I can find them instantly.

Over 110,000 four-leaf clovers have been found in 25 years.

I have also found five, six, seven, and eight leaves (incidence rate of about one billionth).

I am making art and accessories with the motif of a real four-leaf clover.

By mixing the splendor of nature that I learned when I was a child in the countryside with abundant nature and the goodness of the city that I noticed when I was adolescent in the city, I made things with the desire to make people's hearts better and richer. I'm doing it.


Book: "The story of a girl who found 100,000 four-leaf clovers"




Find a four-leaf clover among many three-leaf clovers,

I hope, you can find what you want to love and cherish in your life.

And please notice the happiness that is here now.






From the natural four-leaf clover, which is said to be one in 100,000, I select the ones in better condition (shape, pattern, color, leaf balance, etc.) and create them.

I will deliver one rare and powerful four-leaf clover for every one million or ten million.


The four-leaf clover leaves have meanings such as love, hope, happiness, and sincerity.

And there is a clover word "true love" for all four.

Also, from ancient times, it has been said that you can be happy if you find a four-leaf clover, give it as a gift, or wear it.


Incorporating four-leaf clover into everyday life, I will deliver each one with all our heart so that you will feel happy when you see the work, pick it up, and wear it. I will.