• Beyond words, languages ​​and national borders
Beyond words, languages ​​and national borders

生澤 愛子|Aiko Ikizawa




著書『四つ葉のクローバーを10万本見つけた少女の物語』メディア出演歴 : NHK チコちゃんに叱られる、フジテレビ系列 嵐ツボなどほか多数。

Four leaf clover Artist.

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1996. She loves looking for four leaf clovers since she was three years old. The four leaf clovers looks shining to her. She has met more than 110,000 four leaf clovers.The main concept is "flowering talent by living with love and nature".

She creates by fusing the beauty of nature that she noticed in her childhood with the possibilities of human beings that she felt in adolescence. There are many collectors around the world, including celebrities such as influencers, actresses and entrepreneurs. All the four leaf clovers used in the work have been found by herself and they are natural and genuine. 

She has appeared on many televisions in Japan.  And her book is "The story of a girl who found 100,000 four-leaf clovers"